(keitai-l) Re: Keitai email virus

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 07/23/02
Message-ID: <586165495.20020723094429@nooper.com>
eNTiTy Ken wrote:
> I'm not sure if it's virus, looks more like an accidental child
> when some was coding/debugging for DoCoMo ... I'd say Juergen
> is totally harmless like a baby.

I am even as cute :)

Yes, the "virus" works at least on most of the phones. It's not
working on Panasonic phones as far as I can say (I tested the
P502i, P503iS and FOMA P2101V).

It also DOESN'T send out emails to your address book, you have
to request it from Kyle. This slows down the distribution for
a bit, because Kyle is busy and can not fulfill all requests
that fast.

How does it work? It combines 2 techniques, one of it was
discussed in this list somewhere first in 2000 and the other
technology used was discussed just recently. The second one
is not that necessary, but if the handset is older, you have
to click somewhere first before your phone is locked up.

Was this post cryptic enough? I hope!

Uh, I forgot, I guess I know where this evil "virus" comes from:


PS: No, I don't forward it to anyone. And also not her phone
number. Don't ask.
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