(keitai-l) Re: Advertising of I-mode and sha-mail

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Date: 09/03/02
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Try some NEON





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At 20:07 03/09/2002 +0900, Gerhard Fasol wrote:

>Regarding promotion of i-mode in the early days the best is you read the
>books by Matsunaga and by Natsuno. These are the "bibles".

Thanks, I'll dig out copies of these.

>Regarding promotion of i-mode nothing beats walking down the streets of
>any Japanese town...
>Regarding promotion of sha-mail, the best is againg to walk the streets
>of Tokyo or any other Japanese town,

Hmm, not really an option for me I'm afraid - I'm based in the UK and won't
be able to make it out to Tokyo in the immediate future. Last time I was
there I did notice a vast amount of advertising and promotional material
for these services, but this doesn't seem to be tracked or replicated


Thanks, I did find this resource and it was very helpful :)


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