(keitai-l) Re: Java running into trouble on cell phones?

From: tek1 <tek1_at_pobox.com>
Date: 09/05/02
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at least in japan, the biggest problem that i see is docomo's doja being 
almost completely different from the standard midp, which jphone, au, and 
all other mobile java phones support.

the variations due to hardware (i.e. screen size, color, etc.) are to be 
expected.  color is not so much an issue, but the article mentioned screen 
size as a major difficulty for developers.  for regular (non-game) apps, 
midp needs to come up with a layout manager to handle this (currently, 
there's none).  doja does a nice (first attempt) job to deal with this 
problem by using an html layout, but it's non-standard.

sun needs to be faster in implementing standards and more aggressive in 
making sure that the carriers/phones follow the standard.

it would be nice to have an ide (or ide plugin) that allows us developers 
to develop to a generic device, click which devices we want to create an 
app for, generate the apps, and run each app in its device-specific 
emulator for testing.  the j2me toolkit (forte integration) that sun offers 
is a nice first attempt, but it doesn't support doja.  each carrier/phone 
should release its emulator as a plugin also, so that the plugin can be 
dropped into the ide (forte+j2me toolkit) of our choice for testing.

hopefully someone at sun is listening...

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>While I don't have experience with Java on the mobile side,
>the article does echo what I've experienced with Java on the
>desktop side -- write once, test everywhere.
>James Santagata
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> >   "Java on mobile platforms is not living up to the promise of letting
> > programmers "write once, run anywhere," according to developers gathered
> > in London last week."
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