(keitai-l) EzWeb Bookmark vs Screen Memo

From: jdean <jdean_at_network365.com>
Date: 09/14/02
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
We are having a problem with EzWeb screen memos.

Our application has a welcome screen with a login link at the bottom

When we bookmark this page we can use the login link at the bottom to
log in with no problem.
When we screen memo the page, load the page from the screen memo and
then click the login link we get an error on the phone "Application
Error" , this error appears to refer to the OpenWave browser running on
the phone.

We have done snoops on the port and in both cases the exact same request
is made to the server and the exact same (correct) response is sent from
the server. 

There is no session information in the link, the link just calls a
servlet on our server.

Has anyone else ever had a problem like this, we are using Weblogic 6.1

We have this functionality working on iMode and Jphone with no problem,
it is just EzWeb which is acting up. This has been tested on a number of
EzWeb phones and they all react like this.

Any ideas?


Received on Sat Sep 14 11:03:28 2002