(keitai-l) ANN: Hi-Potent i503 emulator

From: Jason Pollard <jasonpollard_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 09/27/02
Message-ID: <20020927120355.31780.qmail@web9908.mail.yahoo.com>
Attention iAppli developers and vendors,

Announcing a new open source software project from Hi-Potent software called
the KEMURI i503 emulator.  Yes, it's the 'KEitai EMUlator and Reference
Implementation'.  It's free, open source, works as an applet on your Web pages,
and works ...mostly.  What more could you ask for? 

Check it out:  http://www.hi-potent.com/

We're looking for beta testers, coders, translators, documenters, and anybody
else who wants to contribute.



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Received on Fri Sep 27 15:11:43 2002