(keitai-l) Re: AW: Re: SMS/mobile Internet/TV

From: Ken Chang <kench_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 10/15/02
Message-ID: <F218LnVmTfMEXrYYRbQ00019044@hotmail.com>
as a matter of fact, the i-mode mail was designed to compete
with J-Phone's SkyMail (3 concatenated SMS with e-mail interworking).
it failed and won't be able to compete with J-Phone or au/KDDI's
ezweb@mail in the foreseeable future.

FOMA got 3 simple retries but the whole service is based on poorly
designed NEC i-mode center.  the new i-shot at rescue is just yet
another failure.  I think all over there, Nokia, Ericsson, CMG, and
Logica should try hard to replace those NEC servers with MMSC.
DoCoMo still pays better than other carriers.



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Received on Tue Oct 15 20:54:55 2002