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From: Richard Tee <mlritshirt_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 10/26/02
Message-ID: <F155DTNfspXDt2LXRLp00015935@hotmail.com>
Hi everyone,

For my thesis at the University of Amsterdam i am doing research regarding 
mobile internet usage. What i'm specifically interested in is for what 
purpose people use their phones (ie entertainment, information gathering 
etc). I have found some quantitative data from Docomo and Jphone, though 
these tend to be quite general (i was already surprised they made these 
figures publicly available). Also, indepdent sites are not covered in the 
statistics i believe. I would be very interested to know if there are 
english language out there covering issues such as these (eg top 10 lists of 
most popular independent sites). I have interviewed mainstream content 
providers before on a visit to japan (ie Cybird). My plan is to again in 
december/january, this time i would also like to interview smaller 
companies, startups etc.

If anyone has recommendations regarding websites, interesting companies, 
information on research data etc - all suggestions are welcome!

Thanks, with best regards,

Richard Tee - Researcher
International institute of Infonomics - EC/DC
phone +31 (0)45 400 05 40
fax  +31 (0)45 400 05 45
Email: richard.tee@infonomics.nl

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