(keitai-l) Re: macs and phones

From: Colin Mack <colin_at_b-factory.co.jp>
Date: 11/07/02
Message-Id: <C39172D6-F245-11D6-935B-0003934BD90C@b-factory.co.jp>
As some other people have mentioned, P504i (the panasonic imode phone) 
is great. Especially if you like applis, as it is fast, has lots of 
memory and can store lots of applis. Of course you'd prolly want to 
wait to get the one with the camera :)

Don't know much about what's available with bluetooth though for 
hooking up to your mac. My guess would be that looking into 
Sony/Ericcson's au phone might be a good idea, since Apple seems to use 
Sony/Ericcson bluetooth phones for their demos, and of the 3 carriers 
here in Japan, au seems to be the one most approaching "international 
standards" of device behavior, so I would guess they would be the best 

- Colin

On 2002.11.7, at 02:34  PM, Nick May wrote:

> Two questions:
> 1) What currently, is the sexiest phone on the Japanese market?
> 2) What, currently is the best phone to go for for a mac-centric shop 
> that
> wants to use ical, isync and bluetooth with the phone. Is there 
> anything
> out there?
> Nick
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