(keitai-l) Re: J-Phone MIDlet - NEC download service woes

From: Andrew Sandes <andrew_at_asiaentry.com>
Date: 11/13/02
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Hi Paul, I am working with Chris on this project as well.

The error message we are getting is as follows:


Not Found

The requested URL /ntt-me/remote.jad was not found on this server.

Apache /1.3.22 Server at java-eval.jskypl.jp-t.ne.jp Port 80


NEC have told me they believe this is a JAR file error but will not expand
any further than this.

Some simple items such as UTF-8 encoding of JAD file and use of JConnector
class file have been changed but still no luck yet in getting the phone to
access JAD/JAR.

I live in Tokyo so please feel free to get in touch with me offline anytime
to discuss.

Details below.


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    Hi Chris;

        Your problem sounds familiar, just been there (my group not me)...
done that.
If your particular error message is the same as ours we might be able to
Could you post your error message up on keitai-L, and maybe we can get you
an answer.

    I remember hearing many distinct yells of pain during this process of
trying to
figure out those mystery messages... (slight albeit slight exaggeration
wasn't quite yells...

Chris Wooldridge wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a MIDlet that we are deploying for J-Phone handset via the NEC
> download service. The MIDlet makes considerable use of HTTP based
> has been extensively tested on Nokia handsets on a GPRS network in
> Australia.
> Getting the thing onto the actual J-Phone handset via NEC is proving
> problematic, however.
> We have uploaded the jad/jar to the NEC staging server via SFTP.
> NEC run a series of tests over the JAD/JAR and, if these tests pass the
> MIDlet is moved to the live server from which it can be downloaded to the
> handset.
> Our application is failing one or more tests. Unfortunately, NEC do not
> provide any feedback as to why the MIDlet failed the test, nor do they
> provide any support.
> Has anyone been through this process and can share any information on what
> is tested? We are currently investigating J-Phone specific JAD file
> J-Phone specific classes required, file encoding or any non-standard
> requirements for J-Phone MIDLets.
> Any assistance would be gratefully received.
> Thank you,
> Chris Wooldridge
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