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From: Mark Frieser <mark_at_consect.com>
Date: 11/19/02
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While I agree with you that Natsuno is by no means stupid (in fact he is one
of the smarter people in the mobile business), I think Ken was being a
little tongue in cheek with his remark regarding Natsuno's intelligence.

Anyway, to say that he is responsible for creating the mobile internet
market single-handed, and not giving J-Phone and KDDI any credit for their
innovations and successes is not really telling the whole story. Ez-Web and
J-Sky certainly were launched after imode, but saying that DoCoMo created
100% of the mobile Internet is like saying J-Phone created 100% of the
camera phone market or that KDDI created 100% of the GPS mobile services

Just because a company was the  first mover does not mean it is 100%
responsible for the market, even a company as successful and large as



On 11/19/02 13:51, "Gerhard Fasol" <fasol@eurotechnology.com> wrote:

> Ken Chang wrote:
>> (as all of us have
>> to listen whatever the stupid guy Natsuno says because he is from
>> DoCoMo with 60% of the world's most developed wireless market).
> He is one of the major forces having created 100% of this market...
> KDDI and J-Phone came quite a while after imode with their
> mobile internets.
> I have talked many times with Natsuno. He is not stupid at all.
> Gerhard
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