(keitai-l) Re: J-Phone or au?

From: Paul Lester <paul.lester_at_l8tech.com>
Date: 11/21/02
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    Hi Tom;

        Actually the reason I recommend PHS, is that I know
a driver who loves PHS because its works in his car superbly,
and two other friends of mine who have PHS love it because
it works on the Oedo line (way underground) where other
carriers do not (TuKa, JPhone I know don't).

    Of course I don't know how other keitai's work in cars because
I don't know many drivers in Tokyo who use a keitai of any kind.

Tom Motoyoshi Kalland wrote:

> hi,
> j-phone and tu-ka have some coop on messagin since fall '99 (i.e. pre
> ezweb/jsky) so that you can send skymail/skymessage (or whatever tu-ka calls
> it) between the carriers. remembering having a tu-ka back then and suddenly
> one day it changed from not being able to message anyone (so few with tu-ka)
> to being able to message "everyone". :)
> phs... well, not usable if you use to talk on the phone while driving or on
> the train i guess.
> .tmk
> Paul Lester wrote:
> >
> >     My recommendation is to look into PHS.  (aka powerastel etc).
> > Its cheaper and has higher voice quality than either AU JPhone or
> > DoCoMo, but I don't know if there are English menus.  They have
> > most of the features you would want like cool ringtones and color screens
> > as well.
> >
> >     If you have a choice do not use AU, JPhone, TuKa or DoCoMo unless
> you're
> > a programmer or want a built in camera, or 40 voice ringtones.
> >
> > On another thing:
> >
> >     I don't think one can send Skymail from JPhone to AU but you can
> > send Longmail (email) from any JPhone to any AU handset. But I
> > may be wrong.  My friend was able to send skymail from her JPhone (JSky)
> > handset to my TuKa handset (EZWeb).... so maybe you can.  That
> > surprised me!  But then again my EZWeb handset seems to
> > have a lot of features from the J-T51 .... maybe its an exception.
> >     Does someone know about this?
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