(keitai-l) Re: predictions

From: Ken Chang <kench_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 01/07/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
I'd think at least the same handset size will be needed for large
displays (100 gram, 100 cc?).

p2p gaming won't be popular because mobile usually means the two
parties won't be in the same place ... everseduce for strangers
nearby is a good idea ... I'd prefer eye contact for p2p gaming.

MP3 is already standard for J-Phone SH-51/52 and new au/KDDI A53xx
series handsets (not so good for au phones).  I think many features
in a year time are obvious if one went to CEATEC 2002 last October.

fast CPUs, high resolution displays, and graphic and sound chips
(such as SRS Labs' WOW ASIC) will find their way to more handsets
and become standard.

btw, has anyone tried the new J-T08 with a 2.2" 240 x 320 LCD?

for the software, I think the WAP/OMA got most things right, ...
as I could understand for the 2G/3G networks.  the real problem
may be an "OMA2" for Wi-Fi.  does anyone have idea?

so it'll be something like
- HTTP, messaging, and Java applications
  business, remote access/VPN, terminal service, home network
  banking/financial (as always hyped)
  games will mostly on the same track, evolving from Atari to PS2
- software environment, multimedia support
  interworking between UMTS and cdma2000?
  Symbian OS 7.0, Nokia Series 80?
  ... how about Windows CE/Linux PDA + Wi-Fi?
- user interface
  better FEP/IME, Japanese input, ATOK vs Wnn
  better input assistant, T9 vs POBox
  TTS, voice/handwriting recognition
  new design, qwerty keyboard (Danger hiptop?)
- ports/cards
  USB mini-B port
  memory slot: MMC/SD, SDIO?
  contactless smart card, FeliCa (no standard ISO 14443?)
  USIM, locked for the same operator (can be different networks)
- components
  CPU: ARM, SuperH
  display: TFT/OLED, 176 x 240 to 240 x 320 pixels
  graphics chip: game, 3D, MPEG-4 support?
  camera: 1.3M pixel CMOS
  sound chip: PCM, FM, and MP3 in one chip?  100 KB chakuxxx file?
  GPS, not easy for PDC or UMTS
  TV receiver?
- Qualcomm/Nokia/NEC/Motorola chipsets

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