(keitai-l) Re: Shopping Sites In .ASP..?

From: Alex <alex_at_coolest.com>
Date: 01/08/03
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Here are some example cart systems (that cost money, but might be worth
learning from their design):

Since you can't use cookies to store session information most systems
1. store a session id in a hidden field (has to be a under 512byt)
2. embed the session id in the url

You might also check out the "Mobile Internet Toolkit" if you are using
However, its probably just easier to write regular ASP code, unless you
want to try and support every device possible.

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On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 03:30:57 +0900 "Mark Sargent"
<powderkeg@snow.email.ne.jp> wrote:
> Hi All,
> are their any Keitai shopping sites in .ASP without them being an official
> site/content provider..? At the moment I'm considering putting the prod ID
> on each Keitai page and letting the user input the other values,
> length/color/quantity etc in to a form and sending it to the database via
> .ASP...we, at the moment, only sell limited prods, Snowboards and some other
> items included in package deals. Anyone got any thoughts/no no's on this
> approach. Cheers.
> Kind Regards,
> Mark Sargent
> International Managing Director
> easyboarder
> mark@easyboarder.com
> www.easyboarder.com
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