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From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol_at_eurotechnology.com>
Date: 02/02/03
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actually, there was some academic work a while ago from the
Japan-Department of a major German University, which
- surprise surprise - found that almost all information
about Japan is in Japanese and in no other language.

There is a HUGE HUGE HUGE number of mobile mail magazines in Japan.
This starts with "Message Free" which has a couple of million
subscribers, there is a huge number of opt-in email magazines.

As you say, media get linked in many different ways.
For example, the N504iS i-mode handsets have a function
as a TV/video remote control, which is software implemented
and therefore can be adapted to all sorts of terminals and
functions. Some J-Phone phones have 2D-"bar" code readers.

There is a huge amount of experimentation going on in the
area of combining media - in my opinion MUCH more than
in Europe.

Just this morning I found out that our local railway companies
starts a new mobile magazines which works as follows: you register
the number of your monthly railway commuter pass together with
your mobile mail address + you register your interests. Then,
everytime you pass through the railway ticket barrier you get
one or more emails (corresponding to the interests you have
registered), the time of day etc. So for example, when you
go to work in the morning, you'll receive an email with business
news which you can read on the train, and when you come home you
receive an email with a voucher for a discount in a beer bar,
or a back massage or a hair cut plus a cinema guide or something
like that.

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Erik Hörnfeldt wrote:
> Friends
> Does anyone have any good pointers regarding mobile mail magazines in 
> Japan and the interaction between mobile services and commercial 
> radio lika Funky802 in Osaka?
> All info, pointers, refferals will be greatly appreciated.
> Yours
> Erik H
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