(keitai-l) Re: the most popular search engines for imode ?

From: Funk <funk_at_rieb.kobe-u.ac.jp>
Date: 02/06/03
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I have interviewed a number of the firms that offer portals and search 
engines in the japanese mobile internet. the most successful search engines 
are Oh New (digital street), girls walker (xavel), and Yahoo! Japan. the 
search engines are not very successful in terms of PVs due to the due to 
the difficulties of conducting any form of searches on the mobile phone's 
small screens and keyboards (even for CDs on a mobile shopping site). Girls 
walker does the best of these three with mail magazines while site creation 
services are also successful. girl's walker has used its mail magazines to 
become a leader in mobile shopping, magic island (TOS) has used its site 
creation services to move users to its ringing tone site, and Oh New 
finally has done better in terms of page views since it started a site 
creation service (but still little income due to problems with banner 
advertising). contact me offline for more information.
jeff funk


At 09:31 03/02/05 +0100, you wrote:
> I am presently working for a computer science consulting firm, and
>i need the list of the most popular search engine for imode.
>It would be great if you were able to send me the 20 search engines wich are the
> most used with the percentage of use and the source of your information.
>Thank you very much
>sincerely yours
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