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From: John Whelan <john.whelan_at_alatto.com>
Date: 02/18/03
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Might be relevant to know that we provide a  system for Vodafone Live! that
enables users to send images via MMS from their phone to their Inbox on a
server via  a shortcode or full MSISDN. The same system is also in use by a
TV station in the UK to enable viewers to send images from their handsets to
TV shows.



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I want to set something up so people can quickly upload their sha-mail or
whatever images to my server, and am trying to figure out the best way.

1) set up a form that lets them upload somehow...  does this work the same
as it does on a computer?  Just search the file you want, press upload, and
the server handles everything from there?  Or is it a little more
complicated?  I imagine you would have to make 3 separate ones for each of
the main mobile companies..?

2) have people email their images to a certain email address, and then the
server handles things from there (storing it, etc...)  How much of a hassle
is this?  I have NO idea how to do something like this... but it seems like
it might be an easy way to get around the issues of ezweb, sky, and imode...

Any ideas?  I have no problems with web stuff, but as for mobile, I'm lost


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