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Date: 02/27/03
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That will move the mobile Internet one step further .. and expand
possibility .. however it will surely be a kind of "compact-Flash" to fit
mobile needs. 
I think I read somewhere Macromedia also signed with Nokia .. can't find
where .. did I dream of that ?

On another hand, I'm really disappointed to see flash invade the mobile area
 I was hoping for the mobile internet to be the nest where SVG could grow. 
But how could really think Microsoft and Macromedia would not take part into
this next revolution ? 

Any more info about that ?

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its official!


NTT DoCoMo to Embed Macromedia Flash Technology into i-mode Service

Tokyo, Japan?February 24, 2003?Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo,
Inc. and U.S. software maker Macromedia, Inc. announced that the two
companies have reached an agreement to jointly deliver Macromedia Flash
technology to i-mode, DoCoMo's proprietary 2G/3G mobile Internet platform,
in Japan. The technology will be embedded into the new i-mode handsets,
starting with the 505i series, which is scheduled for release later this

"NTT DoCoMo is pleased to be able to implement Macromedia Flash technology
into the i-mode service," said Takeshi Natsuno, Managing Director of i-mode
Planning Department at DoCoMo. "Because content providers are already
familiar with Macromedia's widely-used Internet technology for developing
web content and applications, we expect dynamic new content to be created
for the i-mode service, which will further enhance the mobile-internet user

By incorporating Macromedia Flash in its i-mode service, DoCoMo will provide
i-mode users with access to a much broader range of rich content and

Easy-to-use graphical interfaces will allow users to simply click on one
screen to go directly to specific information, eliminating the need to
navigate through multi-layered menus.

"With more than 98 percent penetration, Macromedia Flash has become a staple
on the Internet because it has enabled memorable customer experiences that
have delivered true business results," said Rob Burgess, Chairman and CEO,
Macromedia. "Working with leaders like DoCoMo, we are now setting the
standard for amazing mobile experiences which bring relevant, engaging
information to consumers no matter where they are."

The agreement was finalized with the signing of a license agreement between
DoCoMo and Macromedia Nederlands B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S.
parent company.

About NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo is the world's leading mobile communications company with more
than 45 million customers. The company provides a wide variety of
leading-edge mobile multimedia services. These include i-mode, the world's
most popular mobile internet service, which provides e-mail and internet
access to over 36 million subscribers, and FOMA, launched in 2001 as the
world's first 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA. In addition to wholly owned
subsidiaries in Europe and North and South America, the company is expanding
its global reach through strategic alliances with mobile and multimedia
service providers in the AsiaPacific, Europe and North and South America.
NTT DoCoMo is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM), and New York (DCM)
stock exchanges. For more information, visit www.nttdocomo.com

Experience matters. Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) is motivated by the
belief that great experiences build great businesses. Our software empowers
millions of business users, developers, and designers to create and deliver
effective, compelling, and memorable experiences?on the Internet, on fixed
media, on wireless, and on digital devices.

Macromedia Flash Player is the leading rich client for Internet content and
applications across the broadest range of platforms and devices. Millions of
developers already create rich content and applications for multiple devices
today using Macromedia technologies including those offered in the new
Macromedia MX family.

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