(keitai-l) Content Partnerships for Nooper

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 03/26/03
Message-ID: <313035093.20030326110702@nooper.com>
14 days ago we launched our "push" service Nooper (http://nooper.com)
with great success and we receive very good feedback and lots of
Noopie requests.

Some of them are already realized and online, and my personal
favorite is the "Page me Noopie"...it already saved my bacon several
times because I could escape boring meetings with Nooper's Alibi

Anyway, we also started to go into content partnerships with
several other wireless companies and projects here in Japan
and created Noopies in English and Japanese so far for:

Enfour's TangoTown: http://www.enfour.co.jp/tangotown/index.php
TokyoQ: http://club.nokia.co.jp/tokyoq/
and the Tokyo Food Page: http://www.bento.com/

So if one of you run a i-mode, J-Sky or EZweb service and you are
interested in exposure in Nooper, please let us know and maybe we
also can create a new Noopie for you.


Juergen Specht, CTO, Nooper.com - Mobile Services Inc., Tokyo, Japan
i-mode & FOMA consulting, development, testing:  http://nooper.co.jp
Check Nooper, your little intelligent email buddy: http://nooper.com
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