(keitai-l) Backing up J-phone cellphone data

From: Paul Hardy <pjh_at_bushcat.com>
Date: 03/30/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
You don't have to read all of this email. The executive summary is, =
"What software backs up a J-T51?"

This weekend's mission has been to back up my new J-T51, following on =
from the experiment "Does dropping a J-N02 down the loo improve =

Background: J-Phone transferred "all" my data from my old phone to its =
replacement, using some meaning for the word "all" I've not come across =
before. To whit, the address book was moved, but not the emails or =
photos. I did, however, take the hint from the assistant at the shop. =
"What shall we do with your old phone?" - "Toss it." - "No, you don't =
want to do that. You want to take it with you."

Foreground: I bought the software Keitai Master 9. The box claims to do =
back up most things either via cable or via a network connection. In =
reality, it's a mess. The only bit that performs in a reasonable manner, =
i.e. suck the data out and push it back, is the address book. However, =
it only downloads some fields, and when I send the data back, overwrites =
entries destroying existing data. For example, addresses and photos =
associated with phone numbers get wiped.

I guess I've used to the Palm synching metaphore, rather than the Keitai =
Master 9 search and destroy in a silly manner metaphore.

So, who do people use successfully?
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