(keitai-l) Re: java telephones

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 05/07/03
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
> If there is no way for flash to communicate with java, or internet, 
> then
> what is the use of it?
> Static flash movies are nice, but not very functional...
> Stephan

I think that with MIDP2.0 and bigger size for the runtime like the new
J-Phones you will be able run a Flash basic player... I saw in the
past a java based Flash player I do not now if they have
been developing in a final version.

But I still think that an updated flash player with  LoadMovie and
LoadVariables functions could be a better solution.

> giovanni,
> if i dont remember wrong (i might!) the A53xx series from au/KDDI 
> supports
> MIDP2.0.
> .tmk

Humm this is quiet interesting as MIDP2.0 has much more
integration and standardization for several functionalities
like push services or messaging...

I would like to see how it has been integrated in the
  A53xx series from au/KDDI

Received on Wed May 7 15:34:15 2003