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From: Michael Rollins <michael_at_tajera.com>
Date: 05/09/03
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I picked up one of those two weeks ago and love it.
The video quality is awesome!

You can buy a cable for about JPY 6000, and download
software and drivers from the Toshiba web site.

The URL is: http://www.toshiba.co.jp/product/etsg/cmt/jphone/soft/index.htm



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I'm new to the list so I hope I don't break any rules here, but
you folks seem to be the most knowledgable, so maybe you
know the answer...

I have a new J-Phone T-08, it's a stunning little phone with the
high-density QVGA screen, camera, videos, etc. but it has one
totally crippling limitation: There's no way to send the videos
or high-res camera shots.

By this I mean if I take a picture with the camera at 640x480, I
can not view the whole thing on the screen, and I cannot get
the picture off the phone; this model does not support
SuperMail, so my filesize limit is 6k (The average picture is

6k was lots when dealing with a 120x120 screen, but
240x320 laughs at a 6k limit.  This limit also severely
hampers my ability to get graphics INTO the phone for
wallpapers and the like.

My somewhat belaboured question is: Is there a data-link
cable for this phone, to connect it to a PC for the purpose of
transferring files?  All I can find are modem adaptors.  The very
idea that Toshiba made this amazing phone with no way to get
data in or out of it just astounds me.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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