(keitai-l) Re: i-mode subscribers vs Vodafone Live! in EU

From: <alexis.bartelds_at_mintelligent.com>
Date: 05/13/03
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This is how KPN feels:

 KPN CEO 'disappointed in i-mode'                                           
 KPN chief executive Ad Scheepbouwer has revealed the group's fledgling     
 i-mode service is underperforming.                                         
 Scheepbouwer told a news conference Monday about his disappointment, but   
 stuck to his belief that KPM will still achieve its 2003 roll-out target   
 of 1 million users. I-mode is a mobile phone service enabling users to use 
 internet services at high speed and send multimedia text messages.         
 Scheepbouwer said new phone models, some of which have already been        
 introduced, and a new pricing structure should boost i-mode demand.        
 KPN had 285,000 i-mode clients at the end of the first quarter, it is not  
 looking likely that the group will meet its target.                        
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