(keitai-l) Clossing Walled Gardens and Java vs. NativeApplications - And Sun JINI??

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 05/14/03
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Sorry Jon if I abuse of your "sun.com" suffix.  ;-)

There is any plan at SUN for any Jini integration with mobile phones?

By reading Sun.com faq:

"Jini is a network architecture for the construction of distributed
systems where scale, rate of change and complexity of interactions
within and between networks are extremely important and cannot
be satisfactorily addressed by existing technologies. Jini
technology provides a flexible infrastructure for delivering
services in a network and for creating spontaneous
interactions between clients that use these services
regardless of their hardware or software implementations."

Looks like a technology perfectly suited for heterogeneous
network technologies connections, hardware devices
and software running the applications.



Mercoled=EC, 14 mag 2003, alle 04:15 Europe/Rome, Jon Ellis ha scritto:

> Shawn wrote:
>> Ok MIDP 2.0 will still run things in a sandbox if they =
>> Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)  is utilized by MIDP 2.0 to provide=20=

>> secure
>> connections and digital signatures for "trusted" MIDP application=20
>> packages
>> (also known as MIDlets).
> This is probably an abuse of the term "sandbox", all
> byte-code is executed in a sandbox. It would probably be
> clear to say that a MIDP 2.0 midlet that is trusted runs
> with a less prohibitive security policy. Which is exactly
> what you describe :-)
> j.
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