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Date: 05/14/03
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Hi Giovanni and Arno,

The question exists also in France where similar to TIM/TIW
and DT exists with Orange/FT and Cegetel/SFR.
Definitely yes, the answer seems to be based on potential revenues
derived from 802.11x but further more on who owns customer control.
As actually in the mobile market "client of a service provider" means
 "registered user of a specific privately held network access", it does not
fully mean
 "user of some kinda services available through many different access
as it is already the case in the good old IP world.

Do someone has a view on voice PWLAN regulation in Europe?
I think it's open in most of the countries
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Ciao Giovanni,

I think the answer to your question is the first operator taking this =
road wins in the future....
because he thinks customer oriented and not in ARPU (average revenue per =
user) =20

like you say it is happening with 802.11 in Italy
the same we see also in Germany

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> "are going to disappear from consumer consciousness, with "smart"=20
> devices
> that find the fastest and cheapest connections  available from =
> locations at specific times of day taking over the connection process.

> some phones have Blue-Tooth as an additional xess already
> some GSM phone manufacturers have 802.11 as an additional xess on the =
> roadmap
> I think in Japan you have similar examples

Hi Philip and Arno

The "smart"  capabilities of switching from a network to another
are sometimes described as part of the 4G.

This is great is theory but can we expect the JP operators
pushing telephones (Designed by them) with this feature
if could jeopardize the traffic revenue?

With the Triple Band GSM 900 1800 1900 you never
go out of the operator network.

Let's say you have a 3G phone that is also has a 802.11
connection. When you go back home you use 802.11 to
download music, videos, games and my e-mail at very
low cost. When you are around you listen to the music,
watch videos, and play games and as before you
use some low bandwidth services over the operator
network and some time, rarely, you download some video

This is already possible with any Symbian phone in Europe
by bluetooth manually but I do not think it is possible with
any keitai in JP and not because they haven't
got the technology ready...

The only thing new with those "smart" handsets is that they will
be capable of handling this in a transparent way.

So maybe we have to ask: Isn't this cutting the operator revenue?

Is this damaging their model?

Here in Italy there is already a big discussion about WIFI in
Telecom Italia group between in  the same group between
Telecom  Italia Mobile (TIM)  and Telecom  Italia Wireline
units as  the second is going to deploy  high number of
802.11 hotspots. TIM sees 3G potentially highly jeopardized
by  802.11...

What do you think?


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