(keitai-l) Porting content to QVGA Screens

From: Reto Grob <rgrob_at_klab.org>
Date: 05/16/03
Message-Id: <20030516102813.FA95.RGROB@klab.org>
Dear Keitai-L'ers,

in short: gWrapper is now available for the 505 series. It is a new tool
to stretch existing 503/504 appli to the 505 QVGA screens. You can try
it out for free at http://gwrapper.klab.org. Just register your email,
upload your jar file and download the stretched 505 version a few
seconds later.

There are quite many QVGA phones coming up this year. So there is plenty
of stuff (web, appli) to stretch/port to the new phones.

How are you stretching content?
- rely on the native phone stretch if available?
- server-side automated scaling for web pages?
- include gif images into small flash animations, so they are always

Received on Fri May 16 05:52:02 2003