(keitai-l) Sony phones

From: Michael Sydenham <michaelsydenham_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 05/23/03
Message-ID: <Law14-F19pIEfZXaL8x0000592e@hotmail.com>
I think it was tmk who wrote Sony phones are not cool? Hmm I wonder. I was 
just quickly thinking about some of the unique points of these phones -

jog & dial selector: I think this is pretty cool - a very practical way to 
perform text input that has no equal on other handsets I think.

kisekae panels: This was pioneered by Sony Ericsson for AU. These are the 
exchangeable panels on AU phones. An interesting & fun way to significantly 
personalise the appearance your phone. Cool enough to be copied by others.

hikari panels: User-customisable multi-coloured flashing light panel 
combined with the kisekae idea yields about 30 different illumination 
patterns upon incoming ring - a new spin on "manner mode".

Dotart & VisualFlow: These applis are very interesting applis - 
collaborative art (504) & image navigation (AU) respectively. Unfortunately 
DotWall Project just finished. It allows users to create a bitmap on their 
504 & post it the result for others to download as a machiuke. Check 
VisualFlow if interested.

movie player: My impression is their latest AU phone probably has the best 
quality movie playback in the industry at this time.



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