(keitai-l) Re: Half-width text and buttons?

From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 05/23/03
Message-Id: <FD87E360-8CEE-11D7-8421-000393D405B2@pukupi.com>
On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 01:36 Japan, Jonathan Trevor wrote:

I've been mostly working from the NTT docomo "How to create an i-mode
> site" PDF document from their english site. That document, and quite a
> few examples, specifically declare the header as: <!DOCTYPE 
> "-//W3C//DTD
> Compact HTML 1.0 Draft//EN">
> So that's wrong? So which doc type is actually suitable for Japanese
> imode phones (P504/P503) which do NOT understand xhtml (I know the new
> foma phones do)?

Access, with DoCoMo's support and encouragement, introduced the Compact 
HTML specifications to the W3C but I suspect when it became clear it 
was never going to become a W3C recommendation, DoCoMo dropped 
references to Compact HTML and started referring to i-mode as an HTML 
(3.2) subset: "i-mode Web sites use subsets of HTML 2.0, 3.2 and 4.0" 
from DoCoMo's own pages.

In conversations I've had with DoCoMo over references to i-mode in 
publications, DoCoMo was quite insistent that i-mode not be referred to 
as Compact HTML.

> I can see the reason for making stuff xhtml basic compatible (it makes
> sense) but we're writing the app for japanese P504/503 phones
> specifically at the moment - and if it doesn't work on them we're in
> trouble!

All current i-mode phones will handle XHTML basic formatting of 
supported HTML tags with the exception of the optional XML declaration 
which renders as plain text on older phones. If you are only targeting 
503 and 504s, I don't see anything wrong with sticking to HTML.



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