(keitai-l) Re: earthquake, but no noopie

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 05/26/03
Message-ID: <805475933.20030526212028@nooper.com>
> This is definitely getting OT but:

I bring it back to topic...with a short intro of Nooper.

Nooper is the public and free demo of our technology of an
alerting and a "content repackage system" called Nooper CDA.
It is not specialized on any task, but can deliver just about
*everything* to a Keitai.

This specific Earthquake Noopie is also just a demo and works
pretty well for the average non-geophysics. For sure we could
do it much, much better, but Nooper does not only deliver earthquake
info, also weather reports or alerts, your biorhythm, sexy girls,
newspaper articles, horoscopes, etc, etc.

> This current threads servers to prove that any earthquake reporting system
> should be based on the Japanese system of quantifying rather than the
> Richter scale. The Japanese scale is superior in many ways as it measures
> the direct impact of the event on specific locations.

This is how this Noopie works:

* Nooper permanently requests a source of earthquake information
  and compares the data to the already stored ones.
* If the content changes, Nooper analyzes the changes and "repackages"
  the content and delivers it *only* to the people who subscribed
  to the matching information.

So basically you have a web site out there with the latest information
and Nooper adds an alert layer on top of it, including a better human
readable interface. The original site provides the epicenter in
longitude/latitude while Nooper makes it more easy and calculates
it into distance from big cities (this is part of the repackage
concept, a Noopie never looks like the original).

We stick with the Richter concept, because this is what the original
site provides and if I understand it right, this is immediately
available, while the Japanese system measures the effects of an earthquake
at different sites and this takes time. Correct me if I am wrong.

> This is opposed to the Richter units which quantifies the total
> energy released. So ideally the "Nonie" system would allow you to
> specify your location and the threshold notification level for that
> location. This also holds when you consider that depth has enormous
> impact on the effect of a quake. So even if an earthquake had an
> epicentre within 100km or even 50km of Tokyo if it was at a depth of
> 100km the effect would be much reduced. So if "Noopie" system is to
> stick with the Richter approach it should at least have an option to
> select by depth or at least at actual distance rather than surface
> distance from epicentre.

I totally agree, we could make it so much better, but it's a demo
only and works quite well...and it's free. Beat this :)

> One last point: Who do people always "7 on the Richter scale" or perhaps  a
> little better "Magnitude of 7"? The correct usage should be "7 Richter(s)".
> After all we don't say 240 on the Volt scale, or 0.1 on the Tesla scale
> etc..  Just a thought.

It's hard to change behavior of people, even in TV they say it this
way, so we stick with the majority.


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