(keitai-l) Re: approved - and not - applis for J-phone (new vodaphone J-SH53, 256 MB SD card, secured music is silence)

From: Tom Motoyoshi Kalland <tmk_at_infeline.org>
Date: 06/09/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
does the jphone java let you access the sd card in any way? doubt it. this 
isn't a perfect world.

as for playing mp3 files directly, it seems like the big electronic 
companies in japan have a thing against such a practical solution. :( you 
can't make copies with it, but u COULD copy the song onto your friends' 
computer etc. not that i think it justifies making life difficult for 
normal users.


On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Greg Conquest wrote:

> > sharp should come up with some better software :/
> >
> > .tmk
> Or just the ability to play mp3 files directly (on the phone). You can't
> really use the phone to make copies, after all. It's only good for
> listening. Is there a JAVA mp3 player already available? Would this not be a
> poular appli?
> Greg
> PS Thanks to Michael and Paul also for answering my original question.
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