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From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 06/17/03
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Ciao Tom!
The Nec e606 has an mpeg4 content player so is the same format of
3gp or 3650 videos:


The quality difference you can see in the three downloadable
content can be connected to:

- higher bitrate
- higher quality encoding
- better video quality in capturing the video (Professional
   3CCD video cameras vs cheap CCD in the 3650)

Actually if you capture video with a Nec e606 the quality is a lot
inferior to the 3650 that has a much better CCD with higher res
better colours and contrast.

Aren't the Jap supposed to have a better technology?

I do not undertand why Nec is unable to develop a nice keitai
for the EU market. The e525 and e606 are poor very limited in
features and overpriced. With Nokia, Motorola, Samsung,
LG, Siemens and Sony Ericsson coming on the market with
better phones Nec is danger of loosing a big opportunity...



Marted=EC, 17 giu 2003, alle 12:03 Europe/Rome, Tom Hume ha scritto:

> Is 3GP the same codec that the Hantro player on the Nokia 3650 uses?
>  =46rom what I've seen, video content on 3 seems higher quality than =
> typically gets recorded on 3650s. Is it a different codec, or just=20
> higher
> bitrate?
> At 11:56 17/06/2003 +0200, Giovanni Bertani wrote:
>> The standard for 3G is .3gp that is based on MPEG4. Apple offers
>> a great support for this with the new version of Quicktime:
>> http://www.apple.com/mpeg4/3gpp/
>> I think Three is using 3gp content to reduce any incompatibility for=20=

>> the
>> future.
>> Cheers
>> Giovanni
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