(keitai-l) Re: predictive text input

From: Curt Sampson <cjs_at_cynic.net>
Date: 06/23/03
Message-ID: <Pine.NEB.4.51.0306231750440.398@angelic-vtfw.cvpn.cynic.net>
On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Kyle Barrow wrote:

> Pricing is based on whether you are a new DoCoMo user (cheapest), have
> had you current phone for more than a year (cheaper) or a bleeding-edge
> technophile looking for the latest toy (most expensive).

Is it based on how long you've had your current phone, or when you last
bought a phone?

I.e., I changed phones recently because I lost my old phone, but I
changed to another oldish phone that I bought in (I've borrowed it from
a friend). Since they've long ago made back their subsidy on all three
phones I've ever had on this account, they aren't going to charge me an
arm and a leg, are they?

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