(keitai-l) Re: keitai email address length

From: Curt Sampson <cjs_at_cynic.net>
Date: 08/04/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Nick May wrote:

> Does anyone know the upper limit to the length of the left half (before
> the @) of a keitai email address across all carriers...?

Well, since docomo's phones limit the e-mail To: field to 30 characters,
subtracting the length of "@docomo.ne.jp" from it leaves 17 characters
for a docomo e-mail address that other docomo users can mail to. The
maximum length lf the LHS of a j-phone e-mail address that a docomo user
can still send mail to is 19 characters. But J-phone users might be able
to create long addresses if they don't need to receive mail from docomo

Are you asking about e-mail addresses that allow full interoperability,
or just the minimum of the maximums of the major carriers?

I'd also be curious as to why you want this information....

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