(keitai-l) Looking for help with development for keitais.

From: Paul Lester <paul_at_thetamusic.com>
Date: 08/08/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Hi all.... now its my turn to do some shameless plugging of
my company.

    Our company, Theta Music Technologies, now has full and part-time
positions open for software developers. We are building several large
music distribution systems as well as various mobile music apps for all
of the major platforms. This is a particularly good opportunity for
software developers with an interest in music or mobile applications. We
are looking mainly for developers with Java experience, particularly
servlets and J2Me or DoJa. Japanese ability and database and music experience
are also a plus, but not required. If you are interested, please contact
Steve Myers (steve@thetamusic.com) at 03-3499-3020.

    Don't make this a thread, so don't reply to keitai-L!

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