(keitai-l) docomo spam- finally found me

From: M. David <davidm1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 08/19/03
Message-ID: <Sea2-F37W2S8PmtowPn0004f74e@hotmail.com>
After about a year of peace, the spammers have figured out my keitai email 
Possible methods:
1) Friend either accidentaly or other.. included my docomo address in a 
mass mailing- cc: or posted it online
2) Spammer has tried 100s of thousands of combinations and finally got me.
3) docomo leaked the email somehow...

Anyone else getting spammed lately?

Sender almost always uses a @docomo.ne.jp address, although one was 
That one should have been easily stopped by docomo, since I can't even 
reply to it.

David M.

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Received on Tue Aug 19 15:09:11 2003