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From: Johan Bengtsson <johan_at_doberman.se>
Date: 08/20/03
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> [mailto:keitai-l-bounce@appelsiini.net] On Behalf Of Benedict Evans
> ARPU isn't declining - not in Europe, anyway. 

I believe some nations in Europe are experiencing declining ARPUs,
statistics is not my strong side though.

> FYI, sharp make their own screens - Samsung and Sharp have 
> the TFT market more or less sewn up.

That's what I wondered. Are they keeping the screens to themselves or
are there other keitais out there featuring Samsung or Sharp screens?
Are there any ODMs coming strong in this field?

BTW: Is there anyone else on this list that is developing WAP for the
GX20? Our developers give the browser a very good grade, "Behaves like
it should", not a bad blurb for a WAP-browser.



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