(keitai-l) Re: flash & plazmic

From: Jason Pollard <jasonpollard_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 08/28/03
Message-ID: <20030828042016.23780.qmail@web9905.mail.yahoo.com>
--- Darren Cook <darren@dcook.org> wrote:
>  >>...anyone has been doing any work with the Macromedia Mobile Flash SDK...
> I had a look at the SDK when it came out. Based on Flash 4 means no XML 
> sockets (and even loadVariables is not available) so most of the interesting 
> applications I had in mind were not possible, as you cannot pass data 
> between it and the server.

I was just wondering how suitable either would be for the usual suspects: 
business apps, games, chat, email, etc.  So, no network connectivity then? 
Would it be safe to say that the mobile flash is really about the same as
iAppli/doja only a little prettier?



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Received on Thu Aug 28 07:27:07 2003