(keitai-l) Hacking Java sites

From: Cedric NICOLAS <cedric.nicolas_at_helo.biz>
Date: 09/01/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Hello everybody,

I've a question for those who know well the mature Japanese market. Do you
see hackers of Java programs using phones connected to a PC or using PC
wireless modems to get Java archives from premium content sites, decompiling
it (it's really easy to do it), and then republishing the games for free (or
not) after modifications on the source code (like modifying images and
graphics part, but keeping core algorithms of code) ?
We are afraid about this security threat, because official content providers
could complain about source code illegal use, and loss of revenues.
Have you heard about this ? Is this technically possible in Japan ? In
Europe GPRS modems that you can connect to a PC are freely available.


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Received on Mon Sep 1 20:36:14 2003