(keitai-l) Request

From: Roy Helge Hammer <rhose_at_siving.hia.no>
Date: 09/15/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
I am a master student who is working on a project regarding the content =
providers view on operators' business models (especially revenue models, =
the value network and collaboration models).
I intent to do a short interview (aprox 15 min) with some of the content =
If you work for one of the content providers connected to the operators =
listed below, please contact me offline:=20
-Vodafone (UK)
-D2 Vodafone
Regards, Roy Helge Hammer.
  Email: rhose_at_siving.hia.no=20
  Phone: +47 952 37397
Received on Mon Sep 15 14:30:54 2003