(keitai-l) 257 screenshots: Japan-only fun?

From: Lawrence Wright <nman_at_gamesx.com>
Date: 09/22/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
When I say that the European and North American users are missing out 
I base this entirely on what people I know have said.  Crappy no-name 
clones (Puc Man was mentioned) and entirely unsatisfactory 
experiences are all I've heard, and that's not even taking into 
consideration the price of the game-capable phones, which by any 
measure is exorbitant.

On a recent trip back to Canada I was stunned and dismayed to find a 
colour celphone with any kind of capability was ludicrously priced, 
and then there's the matter of multi-year contracts.  No wonder 
everyone's hanging on to their 4-line black and white unit.  =)

Of course I realize I'm not saying anything new here...  The games 
here are fun though, and the screenshots are new to a great many 
people.  =)

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