(keitai-l) AW: SIM and J2ME

From: Jan Michael Hess <jan_at_mobileeconomy.de>
Date: 09/24/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
I think there are many advantages in replicating your
mobile phone data on a server and vice versa - like
www.cognima.com points out on their website.

some of the advantages:
1. synchronize data between handset and server,
   some local storage makes sense
2. access personal data from a browser
3. share personal data with other people
4. backup personal data when upgrading to a new device
5. move data between servers, e.g. big files like mp3, divX ;-)
6. replicate games on the server that you have to delete
   on your handset due to limited storage but would like
   to keep/share ...

in any case, you want to minimize traffic with
the help of compression and you want it secure.

I just wonder whether my MNO will be my favourite
server-based data manager. I guess not. I think this
is a market opportunity for new market entrants that
carry the trust of their user base.



> As you may know (to be honest I had not heard of this before I was asked
> about it) Gemplus  and other SIM producers  (www.simalliance.org) are
> touting the concept of J2ME on the SIM and I wonder if anyone had 
> any direct
> experience and/or opinions from Japan/Korea. Personally I think 
> it is likely
> to go the way of  SIM toolkit as the MNOs and the handset 
> manufacturers will
> not give this technology much support. Another complication in an already
> overcrowsded value chain?
> John
> www.alatto.com
Received on Wed Sep 24 10:22:35 2003