(keitai-l) Newbie question

From: Allen Eichler <ae_at_blueridgegames.com>
Date: 10/03/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
We developed a multi-user client-server mobile game (initially for use in
the US), and I am trying to determine how much users would have to pay for
the game usage fees if the game were available in Japan.
I searched the archives and found a message stating that there is a basic
data charge per packet (~ 0.3 YEN) per 128 byte data packet.
My questions are:
1) Does total data transferred or number of packets drive the charges? For
example, if the game sends packets that are much smaller than 128 bytes
(let's say 12 bytes) will the user still be charged .3 YEN per packet, or
will the user be charged .3 YEN for every 10 packets?
2) Is the availability of high bandwidth applications (e.g., video) putting
downward pressure on data usage fees?
Allen Eichler
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