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From: dc <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 10/04/03
//  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (I'm in the US), but I think
//  the 3G video type
//  services are on a different network/system,

the video conference (real time 2 way chat) is offered over FOMA. FOMA has
an oft-quoted "384k throughput" for data traffic, but this is packet data.
Often overlooked, it also includes a 64k circuit switched component. This is
what the 2way video conf calls (and streaming services like security
cameras) go over, as there is a relatively constant data stream.

//  so the cost is
//  different, though
//  still too high, AFAIK.

I recall initially these calls were priced at 2X voice calls. This was
docomo's "utility" based pricing, not based on the amount of traffic. And it
seems fair enough case to me - that a video call is worth 2X voice... if you
are the type that wants to use it. Still not exactly an intro rate tho.

The other services, like downloading clips (eg the old Mopera video clip
portal) used standard downloadable data, not streaming, so used the packet
side of the network at whatever rate plan the user is on.


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