(keitai-l) Re: The end of the J-Phone brand

From: Ken Chang <carigate_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 10/14/03
Message-ID: <20031014194856.21313.qmail@web13111.mail.yahoo.com>
although "J" is the first letter of "Japan", it was really for JR, 
or Japan Railway Telecom.  there might have been better names than 
the flat "J-Phone", but it is the name that I loved most in the past 
several years. 

since JR faded out of the picture, there is no reason the "J-Phone" 
brand should not (will be very strange if otherwise). 

I truly hoped Vodafone would have at least left the name "Sky" in, 
for example, "Vodafone Sky!" or something.  the Sky Project will 
be remembered as a more influential development in the history of 
wireless data services than i-mode.  it's the fashion leader of 
wireless messaging in Japan, and defined Java games (JSCL) and MMS 
(Sha-Mail) to show the world the future of wireless data services. 

btw, both J-Phone and au/KDDI are actually very like foreign operators:

they both use the main stream WAP technology, and they both concentrate

on a handful of close partners than just any content providers, etc., 
and they are the ones who lead the trend in the domestic market. 

good news for foreign operators 

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