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From: Philip Sidel <psidel_at_iuj.ac.jp>
Date: 10/20/03
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We haven't broken down the numbers based on "killing time" vs. "Not" yet, 
but the indication is that this varies on the individual level of how 
someone perceives their phone and it's capabilities.  More specifically on 
this in the next few months.

But I would say that at least from the consumer behaviors we're currently 
seeing in Japan (i.e. staring at the small screen of your phone for 
extended periods of time) the current practice required for watching tv on 
a phone already exist.  I'm not sure that with an Analog tuner networks 
could actually charge for the practice of viewing....  But I believe this 
will herald in a new opportunity for truly Interactive TV.  Or at least 
merge the Internet and TV broadcasts a little bit closer.  With people 
watching TV on their phones, even if the networks can't charge fees, there 
may be that many more ways of driving overall data traffic through 
companion sites, blogs, increased email traffic ("hey, check out what Eiko 
is wearing right now") etc...

I'm still a little unclear on this, as I don't have usage data to look at, 
but my personal opinion is that this is an amazing advancement.  Because 
it's all personal opinions now though, I'd love to hear what folks from the 
development side have to say about this.... Are there now ways to create 
games that directly interact with live TV?  Or are there other ways to 
merge communications, content and live broadcasts together somehow?

I think the possibilities go far beyond the existing model of simply 
watching TV.  I'd love to get other opinions on this though.


At 12:00 PM 10/20/2003 +0900, you wrote:

>Does anyone have any thoughts on the idea of putting TV tuners inside
>cellular handsets.
>NEC has announced the V601N for Vodafone and Sanyo has also been showing a
>prototype with digital TV reception so it seems like these things are
>coming but is it a good idea. Leaving aside the problem of battery life,
>which is something the companies will have to tackle but which shouldn't be
>an impossible task, is it a good idea for the carriers to give this option
>to users?
>Isn't a whole lot of wireless Internet use done when people have five or
>ten minutes to kill while outside? I know that I often flick open my
>telephone and check the news or browse a site while I am on the train or
>waiting for someone. Give people the option to watch TV, which is not a
>revenue generating activity, and aren't they going to impact wireless
>Internet use?
>Does anyone have an idea of how much use is killing time versus not? If
>not, think about your own use and how it breaks down.
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