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Don't paint the mainstream press with such a wide brush just because BBC
online is a little behind on its reading! We covered this in October 2000
along with, from memory, reporters from at least Reuters and AP. It
appeared at Ceatec way at the back of the DoCoMo stand and out of prominent
view although I never understood why they tried to hide it.

Back then, most of the mobile weblogs didn't even exist ;)

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It's always  fun  to  assess  "news  latency"" - the  time  between  a
story  first  becoming  news  and it  hiting  the  mainstream  press..

This  is  what  - a year  old?

a word  in  your  ear  phone  fun....  (So  THAT's  what  Freddy
Mercury  was  on  about....!)


(I wonder  if  it  would  work  for  all  those  people  who  talk  out
  of  their  fundament....)


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