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From: George Arriola <garriola_at_adobe.com>
Date: 11/07/03
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Other considerations... GoLive CS a leading cross-platform mobile / Web 
development platform with i-mode support since version 5.0 which was 
designed by none other than Morgan Stanley's Renfield Kuroda back in 
1999/2000. GoLive CS now brings to the professional creative and 
developer community the most comprehensive mobile tool offering ever:

- Visual / Source code cHTML / iHTML version 1 - 5 (501i - 505i / FoMA)
- WYSIWYG 502i - 505i / FoMA hight and width editing regions
- Visual Emoji authoring support with full extended character for the 
new 504i / 505i devices
- Flash Lite Support
- Visual MMS
- Visual WAP 1.1 - 1.3 Authoring
- Visual XHTML-Mobile
- Visual XHTML-Basic
- Visual Mobile CSS  (full CSS1 / CSS2 and CSS-P authoring)
- Syntax checking and debugging based on the above W3C / 3GPP / OMA 
- SVG source code authoring support for 1.1, 1.2, Tiny and Basic
- MPEG-4 and 3GP mobile video editing, optimization and exportation

These are JUST the mobile features inside of GoLive CS.
Please see the following PDF 
(http://www.adobe.com/products/golive/pdfs/golive_nfhs.pdf) for more 
details / screen shots.

Our mobile development partners are Access (Access.co.jp), NTT DoCoMo 
(NTTDoCoMo.com), Nokia (Nokia.com), SonyEricsson (SonyEricsson.com) and 
Opera (Opera.com). If anyone has questions, etc., please mail me 
off-list at (garriola@adobe.com)


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On Nov 5, 2003, at 9:41 AM, Paul Baron wrote:

> Hi,
> have any of you heard about Ulead's DesignWire?
> some kind of Dreamweaver for the keitai. that can encode the page to 
> work automatically with i-mode, EZWeb, Voda-live
> http://www.designwire.jp/
> and here's the writeup in ZDNet
> http://www.zdnet.co.jp/mobile/0311/04/cjad_kodera.html
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