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From: Isamar Maia <isamar_at_oaklawn.co.jp>
Date: 11/17/03
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So, there are specific equipment for each provider's signal, right?
That's what finally explains why Docomo's mobiles have signal and mine
I'm gonna ask Santa Claus to bring me one...


Isamar Maia wrote:
> Try to use it for example in a bar in the underground...
> Or it should be a device problem? mine is a Sony 3012CA

This has nothing to do with the maker of the phone. Mobile phones
in underground bars only work, if the owner of the bar buys equipment
to bring the radio signal down into the bar. One of my friends owns
a bar in Akazaka... in his case there are about 4 or 5 bars
underground, and he said there was a war of nerves between the
bar owners: if one buys the equipment then all the others benefit
without paying anything. He was the first who lost the nerves and
he shelled out all the money, and the other bars got a free ride...

Nothing to do with who makes the mobile phones.

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