(keitai-l) Re: Keitai to PC with images..?

From: Tom Motoyoshi Kalland <tmk_at_infeline.org>
Date: 12/01/03
Message-ID: <3FCAED25.6020304@infeline.org>

au phones email pictures just fine to any PC. if you want the pictures 
to show up on the PC in a higher resolution you simply have to take the 
picture in a higher resolution. check the camera settings on your phone.


Mark Sargent wrote:

> Like this?
> http://www.photokyo.com/keitai.asp
> Christian
> Yeah, that's cool...but, I just want to send pics to someone's PC and have
> the pics not look tiny. Is there a service available for this..? Or, are the
> most recent phones compatible with PCs.? Cheers.
> Mark Sargent.
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