(keitai-l) AU emojis

From: Deibys Fernando Quintero <d_fdo_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 12/01/03
Message-ID: <20031201104720.55971.qmail@web13808.mail.yahoo.com>
Some days ago I posted about a class I am developing
displaying the different emojis among the different
carriers in any carrier and PC
The purpose is to do some mapping of the emojis of
different carriers , as well, display on PC

I have almost finnished. But I thought AU could not
input emojis(in a text box), now I think new phones
can do it...is it right?
If so, How do they look like? 
I mean for instance , i-mode emojis look like
F8xx or F9xx  and j-phone look like this

How do ezweb emojis look like?
I was testing and it seems to me it is similar to
they start with f6 or f7 and they other byte...is it
I need to have a more general idea

Thanks, deibys

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Received on Mon Dec 1 12:49:32 2003