(keitai-l) Re: Appli Moblogger

From: Sam Joseph <gaijin_at_yha.att.ne.jp>
Date: 12/11/03
Message-ID: <3FD7D75F.50905@yha.att.ne.jp>
Hi Jason

Jason Pollard wrote:

>Sounds cool.  Is the idea to add/edit content on your blog with the appli? 
Well add yes - edit would be a different exercise.

>Sounds like an exercise in frustration if you tried to write anything more than
>"I'm on the train now".  Are your/avg person's texting skills good enough to
>make this worthwhile?  
Well the main point is that a picture is worth a thousand words - it's 
about having a quick way to get your cameras from your phone to your 
blog.  Actually judging my the popularity of the mail based moblog 
services I'd say that a lot of people do find this worthwhile.  Young 
people with their thumbs are getting up to pretty high typing speeds in 

Personally I don't type so much on the phone - I send up the photos with 
a small comment and then do the editing from my PC.  But being able to 
publish a picture from your phone directly on to the web has an 
advantage if you want to be the first person blogging it, or you want to 
show it to someone and get a quick response

>I guess if you just wanted to monitor your blog, your appli would be pretty
Well monitoring is another thing - on the Docomo 505s you can view the 
html (from MT at least) of the blog just fine.  In fact the way we've 
set up the appli is so that a browser pops open on your phone after 
you've made the post, so you can see what your post looks like, and more 
importantly you can show to your drunken friend with his underpants on 
his head, that he is now on the World Wide Web for all to see :-)

>Along these lines, does anybody know of an iAppli RSS reader?
http://www.neyama.net/~masu/irss/  -- I get an error when I try to run 
this ...
-- haven't tried it yet

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